Polyester Round Slings

Polyester Round Slings are made from a continuous loop of polyester yarn covered by a double wall tubular polyester jacket. Color coded by rated capacity for easy identification. Light-weight and flexible for easy rigging and storage. Very low stretch – good for low headroom lifts. Resists moisture absorption, rot and mildew and most industrial acids and bleach. Soft seamless cover protects and grips the load. Load bearing yarns are protected from UV degradation.


Polyester Web Slings

Our most popular and versatile synthetic sling. All of our polyester web slings have cordura reinforced twisted eyes for long service life. All common sizes in stock.

Synthetic Sling Use & Care

A synthetic sling is a specialized tool and it should be treated like any other specialized tool. Proper use and care of your sling can ensure a most effective life for you, your load, and your sling.

1. Know the weight of the load and choose a sling with the proper rated capacity
2. Use a sling with characteristics meant for the type of load, hitch and environment with which you are working.
3. Never load a sling in excess of its rated capacity.
4. Never tie or knot a sling, or use a sling with a knot in it.
5. Protect the sling from being cut by sharp corners, edges and abrasive surfaces by using wear pads or sleeves.
6. Make sure the sling is securely attached to the load.
7. Do not stand near or under a suspended load and keep it clear of other obstructions.
8. Do not drag a sling across the floor, over abrasive surfaces, or from under a load.
9. Don’t shock (jerk) load when lifting.
10. Take damaged slings out of service immediately.
11. Store slings on a protected rack or in the tool room.