Rope and Cordage Products

We stock many types of rope and sell it by the roll, package or foot. We can also splice 3-Strand, double braid and 8-Braid of any size.

3-Strand Ropes

Polypropylene 3-Strand

Polypropylene synthetic fiber rope is the ideal rope for a variety of general purposes. It is not affected by mildew, mold, marine growth or most chemicals and has an elasticity midway between manila and nylon.

Nylon 3-Strand

Nylon is one of the strongest and most elastic synthetic rope fibers available. It has excellent shock absorbing capabilities and the ability to withstand dynamic loads.

Poly-Dacron 3-Strand

Poly-Dac is a synthetic blend of Dacron and polyester fibers. This unique rope has high abrasion resistance, exceptional strength, easy handling, and sunlight UV resistance.

'Blue Steel' Poly 3-Strand

BLUE STEEL™ is constructed from high strength, co-extruded high tenacity yarns. It has low elongation and is 35-40% stronger than regular polypropylene.

Manila 3-Strand

One of the earliest materials used to make rope was natural manila vegetable fiber. This traditional all-purpose rope is still used extensively in the marine, agriculture, trucking and construction industries.

Double Braid Ropes

Nylon Double Braid

Most popular of the double braids for it’s general utility. Spliceable braided nylon sleeve over braided nylon core. This rope meets all requirements of U.S. military specifica- tion MIL-R-24050-C.

Polyester Double Braid

Polyester Double Braid Spliceable braided polyester sleeve over braided polyester core. This rope meets all the requirements of U.S. Military Specification MIL-R-24677.

D/N Composite Double Braid

Due to the even balance of stress between the sleeve and the core this composite rope has shock absorption properties similar to nylon and a higher tensile strength than either nylon or polyester ropes.

N/P Composite Double Braid

N/P Composite Double Braid Spliceable braided nylon sleeve over braided polypropylene core. This composite rope combines the superior sunlight and abrasion resistance of nylon with the light weight of polypropylene.

Specialty Ropes

'Super Blue Steel' Poly 8-Braid

High strength coextrusion polyolefin yarns, 35% to 40% stronger than polypropylene, non-torque construction, superior UV resistance over polypropylene, superior abrasion resistant, and floats in water.

Spectra ® 12-Strand

Spectra ® Rope fiber has one of the highest strength to weight ratios of any manmade fiber. Products made from Spectra fiber are widely used round the world for heavy marine and offshore applications.

Plasma 12-Strand

Plasma ® 12 strand is the highest strength synthetic rope available. Plasma 12 strand is manufactured from Honeywell Spectra ® Fiber that has been enhanced by Puget Sound Rope’s patented recrystallization process.

12-Strand Quik-Splice Polytron

Fast splicing 12-strand single braid construction, high-strength Ultra Blue fiber creates a rope that is 30% to 35% higher in strength than the equivalent polypropylene construction.

Stable Braid Coated Rope

This coated double braid is a low stretch, high strength-to-weight ratio, and torque-free construction. It is durable with excellent abrasion and UV resistance. Sold by 600′ standard spool only.

Tree Ropes

Arbor-Plex ®

Arbor-Plex is a lightweight, high strength 12-strand climbing line, and the most widely used rigging line in the arborist industry. It resists snags and has excellent knot-holding ability.